PC Configuration Edit


  • Rendering Mode: Non-buffered rendering.

Simulate Block Transfer: On

  • Framerate Control: Frameskipping: 3
  • Features: No particular settings.
  • Performance: No particular settings.
  • Texture Scaling: No particular settings.
  • Texture Filtering: No particular settings.
  • Hack Settings: No particular settings.
  • Overlay Information: No particular settings.
  • Debugging: No particular settings.


  • Fast Memory: Off
  • Multithreaded (2+ CPUs or HT) : ☐
  • I/O on thread: 
  • CPU Clock: Auto
  • Atomic Audio Locks: ☐

Android Configuration Edit

Works well with the same settings as the PC version.

Currently has major graphical problems on Android Marshmallow, but seems to be fine on Android versions 4.x.x and 5.x.x...

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