Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact is the sixth overall Naruto instalment of the PlayStation Portable. It was released in North America on 19 October 2011, in Japan on 20 October 2011 and on 21 October 2011 in Europe.

Known ProblemsEdit

  • Data Installation(Minor): Whenever you try to install the game data, 400MB worth, the emulator will freeze. This is a minor problem as you can simply avoid this installation by saying 'No' to the pop-up message.
  • Flickering Black Screen: The screen will flicker a black-shaded screen every frame if Rendering Mode is set to Non-Buffered Rendering.
  • Performance Loss: When you are playing the game, during actual gameplay, if your screen is filled with enemies, you will experience a slowdown, it is a tremendous slowdown, although with the settings below, I have managed to minorize it.

PC ConfigurationEdit

Disclaimer: The settings below are for a mix between performance and accuracy. If a setting is not mentioned, it presumably doesn't affect the game in any way; feel free to experiment.


  • Rendering Mode: No particular settings.
  • Framerate Control: No particular settings.
  • Features: No particular settings.
  • Performance: No particular settings.
  • Texture Scaling: No particular settings.
  • Texture Filtering: No particular settings.
  • Hack Settings: No particular settings.
  • Overlay Information: No particular settings.
  • Debugging: No particular settings.


  • Enable Sound:
  • Low Latency Audio:


  • Fast Memory:
  • Multithreaded (2+ CPUs or HT) :
  • I/O on thread:
  • CPU Clock: 333 +
  • Atomic Audio Locks: ☐

Tested on the following:Edit

CPU GPU RAM SO Format FPS/VPS Emu. Version
Intel Mobile Core 2 SoloSU3500 1.40GHz Intel Mobile Intel 4 SeriesExpressFamily 2GB Dual-Chanel

DDR3 398MHz

Windows 8.1 Pro x64 ISO 30/30 0.9.8 - x64

Android ConfigurationEdit

Disclaimer: The settings below are for mainly performance (Some of these will also help if your PC is slow). If a setting is not mentioned, it presumably doesn't affect the game in any way; feel free to experiment.


  • Rendering Mode: Buffered Rendering
  • Framerate Control: 3, Automatic.
  • Prevent FPS > 60: Yes.
  • Performance: 1xPSP Resolution, ALL YES.
  • Texture Scaling: ALL NO.
  • Hack Settings: Disable Alpha test and Texture coord speedhack enabled.


  • Enable Sound: ☑ (Disable for minor performance enhancement. You may enable it if desired.)
  • Low Latency Audio: [v] (If enabled)


  • Fast Memory: [v]
  • Multithreaded (2+ CPUs or HT) : ☑ (Disable this, on single-core phones at least.)
  • I/O on thread: [v]
  • CPU Clock: 0, Default.

Tested on the followingEdit

Phone Phone's CPU Frequency Android Version / ROM+Kernel Format FPS/VPS Emu. Version

Samsung Galaxy Young


Single Core @1 GHz 4.1.2 Jelly Bean / Custom ROM + Stock Kernel ISO

27-30/30 (100% Speed)


20+/30(80-100% Speed)

Zenphone 5 (A500 - 2GB RAM) Intel Atom Z2580 2.00Hz 4.2.2 Jelly Bean (firmware version 06-06-2014) / Stock Kernel + ROM ISO

30-30/30 (100% Speed)


17+/30(80-100% Speed)

(Gameplay) works fine in duo battle but Unplayable when too much emeny